School of Social Work
Office of Student Services

4101 15th Ave NE
Box 354900
Seattle, WA 98195-4900 / 206-543-8617

BASW Program

Nicole Guenther
Assistant Director; BASW Advisor
Email / 206-685-8345

Amelia Gavin
Director, BASW Program

MSW (Advanced Standing, Day, and EDP)

Lin Murdock
Director of Student Services

Ty Bean (Jennae Carpio is currently on family leave through Spring 2024)
MSW Advisor (Interim) – DAY Students

Leanne Do
MSW Advisor – EDP Students
Email / 206-543-8617

Nancy Tran - Program Support Supervisor
Email / 206-543-8617

Tami Chau - Program Coordinator for Student Services
Email / 206-543-8617

MSW Program Office

Email / 206-543-3416

PhD Program Office

Shirley Chu -  Assistant Director; PhD Advisor

Roberto Orellana
Director, PhD Program