Updated: Oct. 25, 2023, 9 a.m. 

School of Social Work COVID-19 Information & Resources

The School of Social Work developed these pages to provide the information and resources for faculty, staff and students. For the latest UW updates, go to UW Novel Coronavirus & COVID-19: Facts and Resources.

At the School of Social Work, we strongly encourage the continued use of masks because many members of our community work with vulnerable populations, are immunocompromised or have family who are, or live in multi-generational settings where vaccinations for all may not be possible. The School is also committed to ensuring continued employee access to PPE and a clean work environment with the following safeguards per our SSW COVID19 plan:

  • Unlimited access to KN-95 and surgical masks for all employees and visitors.
  • Face shields for faculty conducting in person instruction.
  • Twice daily sanitization of public surfaces (classrooms and conference rooms).

For instructors seeking guidance on teaching and masking, please contact the Academic Affairs office

COVID-19 policies and guidelines

Please follow these UW and School of Social Work guidelines to ensure a safe and healthy workplace:

  • Get fully vaccinated, including your booster shots as soon as you are eligible. Boosters are widely available now. The state’s Vaccine Locator website is a helpful resource. The UW does allow paid release time off to receive boosters.
  • If you have any cold or flu symptoms, please stay home and get tested. If you are enrolled in the Husky Coronavirus Testing program, you will be able to pick up free self-test kits in Lander Hall, just a few blocks from our building. If you can’t access a test, but have symptoms, please treat it like a positive test and stay home. Additionally, the portal for ordering free rapid tests from the U.S. government is now open.
  • Review the UW flowchart on what you should do if you are exposed, symptomatic or test positive.
  • If you test positive, even if you have not been on campus or in our building, please report your test results to UW Environmental Health & Safety at covidehc@uw.edu. If you have been on campus and tested positive, in addition to your EHS reporting, please send an email to Vicki Anderson-Ellis at vaellis@uw.edu so that we may initiate School safety protocols.
  • If you have traveled or attended gatherings and were possibly exposed, please get tested before returning to onsite work .