Lara Okoloko

MSW, University of Washington

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Lara Okoloko (she/her) is a licensed clinical social worker in current practice as a psychotherapist. She graduated from the UW with her MSW in 2005 and since that time has enjoyed many of the jobs available to clinical social workers including working as a medical social worker, a case manager, a group facilitator, an outreach worker, community social worker, and a therapist. 

She has been teaching practice classes at the UW School of Social Work since 2015. Lara also teaches continuing education courses for practicing social workers and provides supervision to associates working towards licensure, particularly focused on family therapy for people with substance use disorders. 

Lara's hobbies include getting on a soap box about harm reduction, going on adventures, creating things, watching awkward situations unfold, teaching her children to make puns, learning more therapy modalities, and spending too much money on espresso.