This traditional graduate full-time day program, completed over a two-year period, combines classroom learning with hands-on fieldwork. Courses focus on social work history, professional identity, policy, and social justice, and build core social work practice skills across systems levels and with diverse populations.

What to expect—A foundation curriculum is completed during the first academic year. During this time, MSW Day students attend classes two to four days a week. Starting in mid-fall in their first year, students also spend two days a week in field education placements. Required core courses are not offered in the summer, although students may choose to enroll in electives or earn field placement credits during the summer quarter.

During the second year, students follow an advanced curriculum. They attend classes one to two days a week and spend three full days a week in the field. Required courses and most field placements are offered during weekday daytime hours. Electives are scheduled in daytime slots as well as on weekday evenings and Saturdays. Required core courses are not offered in summer, though some students may choose to enroll in electives or earn practicum credits during summer quarter. APPLY MSW PROGRAM.