In 2013, SDRG was awarded continuation funding to study the long-term effects of CTC 11 and 13 years following its initial installation during the randomized trial (CYDS). This continuation study assesses CTC’s effects on drug use, delinquency, violence, sexual risk behavior, and other health-risking behaviors during young adulthood (ages 21 and 23) in the panel of youth followed since fifth grade. It also examines the adoption of adult roles (including employment, military service, college attendance, romantic relationships, marriage, and parenthood) among these youths who grew up in small towns of varying degrees of rurality and how different pathways to adulthood may be associated with drug use, delinquency, violence, and other health-risking behaviors during this period of life.

National Institute on Drug Abuse
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Principal Investigator Sabrina Oesterle