This study is a continuation of 4 previous NIDA-funded projects that developed and evaluated the acceptability and preliminary efficacy of a brief intervention (The Teen Marijuana Check-Up) intended to attract voluntary participation from adolescents who smoke marijuana. The intervention is designed to provide adolescents who are not seeking treatment with an opportunity to weigh the pros and cons of smoking marijuana through the provision of objective information regarding marijuana use. This is a motivational enhancement intervention designed for non-treatment seeking adolescents who smoke marijuana. This study will be implemented in 10-12 local high schools. There are two main aims under investigation: 1) how do students respond when a marijuana intervention is offered by school staff and 2) what level of supervision is required for interventionists to provide competent Motivational Interviewing sessions.

National Institute of Drug Abuse, Grant #R01DA040650
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Co-PI Bryan Hartzler (Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute); Co-Is Aaron Lyon (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences) and Kevin King (Psychology)