Established in 2017, the Social Work Practice with Latinx Communities, formerly known as “The Latinx Specialization,” graduated its first student cohort in 2019. This specialized traineeship offers targeted skill-building for MSW students committed to the health and well-being of the Latinx community. The program equips students to be effective practitioners by deepening their understanding of practice models and interventions that resonate with Latinx individuals, families and communities.

Students participating in the Social Work Practice with Latinx Communities Traineeship complete their specialized field placement at a field site that demonstrates a strong commitment to serving Latinx populations while advancing and supporting the student's learning and growth. Students in the Latinx Traineeship receive extensive mentorship; they participate in a year-long seminar that integrates theory and practice, and embraces the expertise of Latinx community leaders, field instructors and partners.

Important program notes:

  • The traineeship is open to all specialized students
  • Students need to enroll in Soc W539: Engaged Practice with Latinx Populations
  • Students need to enroll in a Latinx-eligible 1–3 credit elective outside/or within the School of Social Work 
  • Students need to participate in a year-long integrative seminar

Traineeship application requirements:

  • Must be a current student entering their specialized practicum year
  • Must have a demonstrated commitment to the Latinx community
  • Must be in a practicum site with a caseload of at least 25% Latinx clients
  • Must be proficient in conversational Spanish

All field placements at clinical and direct-practice sites require a high proficiency in Spanish, with fluency preferred. 

2024 applications are due April 26th.

Please contact Aida Wells for more information.

Example of eligible field sites:

  • The Arc of King County  
  • Auburn Multicare Hospital                                                                      
  • Catholic Community Services: Behavioral Health
  • Childstrive
  • City of Seattle, AG’s Office
  • Casa Latina                           
  • Centro de la Raza                                                         
  • Consejo Counseling Services                                           
  • Entre Hermanos                                                                                                                    
  • Health Point Clinics  
  • Harborview Medical Center                                                     
  • Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center 
  • International Rescue Committee                     
  • SeaMar
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Solid Ground Washington, Statewide Poverty Action Network
  • South Park Resource Ctr.                                              
  • Youthcare
  • UW/SSW Partners for our Children