If you have a UW NetID but have forgotten the password and/or ID name, please select this link to get help: https://www.washington.edu/itconnect/security/uw-netids/about-uw-netids/#passwords

If you have a UW NetID, remember your password and want to proceed to the STAR application, then please log into the UW SSW STAR application at: http://star.ssw.washington.edu (bookmark this web address for future reference) by selecting the UW NetID button, entering your UW NetID and Password on the UW NetID weblogin page which will take a few seconds. After selecting the ‘Log in’ button, you will then move back to your STAR application page into your relevant area of STAR.

Account Support: Please go to the UW IT UWNetID account support page: https://www.washington.edu/itconnect/security/uw-netids/about-uw-netids/