Breana Graywilliams

BASW Senior

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Why did you decide to major in Social Welfare? My drive and passion to improve mental wellness in the Black community is what inspired me to take on a major in Social Welfare. I have witnessed and personally experienced the effects of racial trauma and am committed to being a part of the healing of those in my community.

What’s one piece of advice you have for prospective BASW students? Come into this program with an open heart and mind. There will be moments when your beliefs are challenged. The material you go over in class may bring up unhealed parts of yourself that you're forced to confront. Practice vulnerability and make friends with those in your cohort. They can serve as a great support system. 

What are your professional goals or anticipated next steps after graduation? After graduation I would like to do an Advanced Standing MSW degree and continue work with either my previous CSL (Community Service Learning) site or practicum site.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in? My extracurricular activities include hiking, skiing, and jewelry making.

Who has made a large impact on you during your time in the BASW program? My experiences with the professors at the school of social work have been very influential to me. Their patience, kindness, and understanding have shown exemplary qualities that a social worker should have. It’s also inspiring hearing about the previous work they've done. This inspires me to grow as a person. The same goes for those I work with at Project Girl (my previous community service learning site where I am now employed).