David Takeuchi

Associate Dean for Faculty Excellence
PhD, University of Hawaii

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David Takeuchi, a sociologist whose research focuses on health and help-seeking among racial, ethnic and immigrant populations, is associate dean for faculty excellence. In this position, he identifies ways for faculty, researchers and doctoral students to establish new research programs, enhance career trajectories and uncover new scholarship opportunities.

As a researcher, Takeuchi helped lay the foundations for the study of ethnic minority mental health and has written extensively on issues related to health disparities in society.  He has broad experience in research design, sampling strategies for diverse populations, and data analyses using a variety of statistical methods, and is a strong proponent for developing interdisciplinary research-driven approaches. 

Takeuchi received the Legacy Award from the Family Research Consortium for his research and mentoring services, and was selected for the Innovations Award from the National Center on Health and Health Disparities for his research contributions. In 2011, he received the UW Marsha Landolt Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award for his ability to inspire students. In May 2022, he received the 2022 Inclusive Voices Award from the American Association for Public Opinion Research, along with co-principal investigator and Harvard professor Margarita Alegria, for their work on the National Latino and Asian American Study.

Takeuchi was awarded the Leonard Pearlin Award for his contributions to the sociological study of mental health from the American Sociological Association (ASA) as well as ASA’s Distinguished Contributions to the Study of Asian American Communities. He is an elected member of the Washington State Academy of Sciences, Sociological Research Association, and American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare

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