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Rachel Wrenn

Assistant Teaching Professor Emerita
PhD, University of Washington

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Dr. Wrenn has been a member of the School of Social Work field faculty and was director of the field education program from 1995 to1999. In 2020, she was appointed the assistant dean of field education after serving as the interim assistant dean since 2019. 

As a 1987 graduate of the doctoral program in social welfare from the School of Social Work, her research interests focused on the influence of social support on health-promoting behaviors during pregnancy. 

Dr. Wrenn’s current areas of academic and research interests are focused around field education and the preparation of bachelor and master’s level professional social workers, including curricular design that supports and enhances maximized development of knowledge bases and skills needed for social work practice centered around diversity, equity, inclusion, social, economic and environmental justice.

Dr. Wrenn began her social work career in 1976 in employment assistance programming for men recently released from the criminal justice system. In 1981, she completed her MSW degree with a focus on gerontology and ageist views held by employers. Additional interests in gerontological social work include the presentation and treatment of mental illness in elderly women, and is currently involved in the multigenerational practice concentration committee for the MSW program. She was appointed by the Washington State Supreme Court to the State Professional Guardian Board, which oversees education, application and discipline for professional guardians serving disabled and vulnerable children, adults and elders throughout the state.