Edward Stone

Advancement Services Officer
B.S. Anthropology - University of Idaho
M.Ed Higher Education - Pennsylvania State University

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Since beginning his career in 2011 at the Alfred W. Bowers Laboratory of Anthropology, Stone has held a passion for education and wanting to inspire a thirst for knowledge and "Aha!" moments. Utilizing his foundation in anthropology and museum education, he has helped to collaboratively create experimental learning programs for local Tribes in the states of Idaho and Washington, and mini museums at the University of Idaho, University of Washington, and Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture. Stone has been with the University of Washington since 2016 and has focused his professional career on advancing educational initiatives, holistic admissions practices, and opening up educational pipeline access to historically excluded populations here in Washington.

Professional Interests: 
Stone promotes and fosters diverse and inclusive experiences for students and alumni within higher education and auxiliary institutions by utilizing his educational philosophy rooted in decolonization, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. His other interests include community building, participating in mentorship programs at the UW, UI, and Penn State, and decolonization work within museum organizations.