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Created to advance economic justice for women and their families, the Center for Women’s Welfare researches issues around income inequality and economic opportunity. Its primary tool is the Self-Sufficiency Standard, which measures how much income is needed to meet basic living needs without additional public or private support.

This tool allows employers, case workers, policymakers and service providers to calculate self-sufficiency requirements for 70 different family types, county by county, in 37 states. The standard has proved beneficial in targeting employment and training programs toward higher-wage jobs; improving career counseling services; and evaluating and designing public policies geared to help families become more self-sufficient.

The center also develops Web-based budget calculators that help workforce counselors and their clients make informed decisions about job training, wages and eligibility for work support and subsidies. 

For more information, visit the Self-Sufficiency Standard or contact Center for Women’s Welfare Director Lisa Manzer.